Smart vCard - Your Digital Business Card

Easily share contact details using a quick, modern, and eco-friendly method. Available for just £49, with an annual fee of £10. First year included.

Easier to Share

  • Share easily via email, text, social media, or QR code
  • Interactive and engaging, with clickable buttons
  • Compatible with all devices and platforms.
  • No monthly or yearly fee for the first year.
  • vCard auto-saves to contact list.

Time Saving

Easily exchange contact info, social media, websites, and more with a simple tap or scan, instantly sharing your information. Simplify networking with Smart vCard's seamless and efficient solution.

Wow effect - included

Make a Memorable Impact: Experience the Fastest and Coolest Way to Share Information with Smart vCard. Elevate Your Networking Game, Stand Out from the Crowd, and Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Future Connections!


Embrace Modern Technology: Replace Hundreds of Paper Business Cards with a Single Smart vCard.

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